Artist Biography

Jeanne Dentzel, ArtistJeanne Dentzel grew up in Minneapolis and earned her BFA from the Minneapolis College of Art and Design.  After success with multiple exhibits in her home state, she moved to NYC to experience working in the center of the art world.  In New York, she began painting sets for music videos, operas at Julliard, and Broadway theatre.  Soon she became a member of the United Scenic Artists Local USA 829, which afforded her a career in motion pictures.  She maintained studios both in New York and Los Angeles, and she designed and painted for seven motion pictures, including many John Hughes films.  As her work became known and admired throughout the industry, many of the film directors began requesting her talents in their private homes, thus catalyzing her career in murals and interior fine art.

Eventually, all of her success brought her to Santa Barbara, and her life was enriched with a husband, David Dentzel (Furniture Designer), and a son, Charlie.  Having built their individual studios at their home, Jeanne and David evolved a unique and wildly artistic residence in Santa Barbara.

In 2012, Jeanne began her current series of fine artworks, which are featured on  Many of her works have been applauded and recognized throughout the communities of Santa Barbara, Berkeley, and Los Angeles, to name a few.  Waking at dawn and painting everyday is Jeanne’s joy and purpose, a joy that keeps her continuously pushing her creative edge.